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August 2020

How to Survive a Post COVID-19 Economy

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Too often it seems that retailers are gambling on the chance that the U.S. economy returns to a state of “normalcy”, that is, that the economy returns to how it operated pre-COVID-19.  Unfortunately, the current economic standing and operational norms which have been implemented are here to stay according to many economists.  The non-stop struggle brick-and-mortar stores have had to endure against Amazon and other eCommerce giants seems to have come to and end… or has the battleground simply been changed? 

Brick-and-mortar stores do not have to throw in the […]

Creating Value Through Marketing

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Value you create is not always easy to measure, if you haven’t figured it out yet.  Many small business owners find themselves focusing only on empirically measurable value but make no mistake, non-measurable value creation such as the experience you create and image you associate with your brand are just as important to consumers.  In short, do not focus only on financially based value creation. Just because certain forms of value creation are difficult to measure does not mean they are worthless.

Financial Value

When focusing on creating value that is easily measurable many company’s focus on financial value creation.  Financial value is typically created […]

Value Added Marketing: An Introduction

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You want a competitive edge on your competitors, right?  We all know the best way to beat the competition is to create something, whether that “something” is a product or service does not matter.  What matters is that consumers perceive whatever it is to be more valuable than that of the competition.  Be it bundling services, combining products, changing your packaging or associating your brand with great customer service, there are thousands (if not millions) of ways to differentiate yourself from competitors by creating value. Merely meeting your competitors value creation is not enough, you want to beat your competition by […]

How To Do eCommerce: The Blueprint

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So you want an eCommerce business, who doesn’t, right?  Low overhead costs (for most), the ability to automate operations, and huge profit margins in the right fields are only a handful of the reasons why so many entrepreneurs are attracted to eCommerce platforms.  As great as this all sounds there is a lot more to eCommerce than many people understand.  Planning your eCommerce business from A to Z is the only way to do it and, in this blog, the Fowara team will help you get the ball rolling on your dream project.

Choosing A Product:  Its More Complicated Than You […]

June 2020

eCommerce in the 21st Century Surviving Amazon

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It is no secret that there is one major player in eCommerce today and that player would be Amazon.  Anyone running their own eCommerce company or even just dabbling in making their products available online should be worried about Amazon but, this concern need not drive small business owners to give up on eCommerce completely.  Competing with Amazon is easy, the greatest strength of Amazon is also its greatest weakness, its size. 

Easily Differentiating Yourself from Amazon 

To start out any small business trying to sell online needs to understand what their main advantage is […]

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