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August 2020

How to Survive a Post COVID-19 Economy

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Too often it seems that retailers are gambling on the chance that the U.S. economy returns to a state of “normalcy”, that is, that the economy returns to how it operated pre-COVID-19.  Unfortunately, the current economic standing and operational norms which have been implemented are here to stay according to many economists.  The non-stop struggle brick-and-mortar stores have had to endure against Amazon and other eCommerce giants seems to have come to and end… or has the battleground simply been changed? 

Brick-and-mortar stores do not have to throw in the […]

Why You Should Take the First Steps into The eCommerce Industry

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Although COVID-19 has undoubtably created an influx of eCommerce sales and sellers, COVID-19 seems to only be accelerating what has been a growing trend for over a decade.  In 2020 it is commonplace to see automated checkouts (or check-in processes in the case of hotels and rental cars) and in spite of the absence of salespeople, cashiers and other human resources, sales are not plummeting.  So why is this?  How are businesses “getting away with” hedging their variable costs while seemingly sacrificing customer service at the same time?  The answer is that they are not sacrificing customer service at all.  […]

Which eCommerce platform is the best for you?

By |2020-08-12T19:54:54+00:00August 4th, 2020|Best Practices, Tech Talks|

In the modern age of COVID-19 you as a business owner are undoubtably wondering how you should transition?  There are so many different options regarding your choice of online platform to build upon.  Fortunately, there is a platform with specific elements meant for businesses of all shapes and sizes.  More importantly, the platforms available have options for budgets of all shapes and sizes.

First, we will start with a very budget friendly option for small businesses that do not have a large budget to allocate to a website or eCommerce platform.  Square is a great option for small businesses looking to “get […]

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