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August 2020

Shopify & Affirm Partnership What This Means for You

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On July 22nd, Shopify declared it would join forces with a up and coming company known by the name Affirm in order to bring its purchase now, pay later financing alternative to Shopify platform users within the U.S.  Starting sometime in the not so distant future, this team of organizations will offer the alternative payment method for Shopify vendors at no cost except for a small transaction fee.

The checkout process will be transformed by this partnership, your consumers will be given the choice to make four equivalent payments every other week.  Customers will be given a more flexible payment option […]

How to Survive a Post COVID-19 Economy

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Too often it seems that retailers are gambling on the chance that the U.S. economy returns to a state of “normalcy”, that is, that the economy returns to how it operated pre-COVID-19.  Unfortunately, the current economic standing and operational norms which have been implemented are here to stay according to many economists.  The non-stop struggle brick-and-mortar stores have had to endure against Amazon and other eCommerce giants seems to have come to and end… or has the battleground simply been changed? 

Brick-and-mortar stores do not have to throw in the […]

Changes to Google Marketplace and What That Means for Your Business

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Google Takes a Swing at Amazon

Google is putting up a fierce fight in order to garner a greater market share of the eCommerce market by speaking directly to its vender’s needs and more importantly, to their wallets.  Google reported for the first time this week that it will be charging no fees for venders to list items on the Google Marketplace.  In addition, Google will be including the items listed in their Marketplace in Google’s search results for free and will be wiping out commission expenses for vendors when they make sales on Google’s platform as well.

Commissions which normally extend […]

June 2020

eCommerce in the 21st Century Surviving Amazon

By |2020-08-12T19:54:55+00:00June 25th, 2020|Digital Marketing, News & Updates|

It is no secret that there is one major player in eCommerce today and that player would be Amazon.  Anyone running their own eCommerce company or even just dabbling in making their products available online should be worried about Amazon but, this concern need not drive small business owners to give up on eCommerce completely.  Competing with Amazon is easy, the greatest strength of Amazon is also its greatest weakness, its size. 

Easily Differentiating Yourself from Amazon 

To start out any small business trying to sell online needs to understand what their main advantage is […]

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