So you want an eCommerce business, who doesn’t, right?  Low overhead costs (for most), the ability to automate operations, and huge profit margins in the right fields are only a handful of the reasons why so many entrepreneurs are attracted to eCommerce platforms.  As great as this all sounds there is a lot more to eCommerce than many people understand.  Planning your eCommerce business from A to Z is the only way to do it and, in this blog, the Fowara team will help you get the ball rolling on your dream project.

Choosing A Product:  Its More Complicated Than You Think

The first step for any eCommerce venture is to understand what exactly you are going to sell and more importantly, how you are going to sell it.  This is easier said than done, are you going to produce your products or have your products produced by a third party?  What about drop shipping?  Will you be handling shipping on your own or have someone else handle the logistics of your operations?  These are a couple of the many points to think about when starting your eCommerce venture.  Some product types are much easier to dropship than others and some products may be overly expensive to customize or produce to scale.

Choosing A Platform:  What Platform Suits Your Needs Best?

The next major step for your eCommerce business is choosing which platform to use.  The options are endless but at Fowara our favorites for small business owners are; Shopify/ Shopify Plus, BigCommerce and Magento.  We have found these platforms fulfill all the needs that our clients have had in the past.  These platforms all have their strengths and weaknesses and our website linked HERE provides in-depth overviews of all our favorite platforms.  Even further, at Fowara we offer free consulting services to go into even more detail about what you need to make your business successful!

Don’t forget if you decide to use drop shipping services make sure they are compatible with the eCommerce platform you choose!  If you are unsure you should reach out to Fowara to make this entire process painless for you!

Graphic & Logo Planning:  Its More Than Just An Image (Its YOUR Image!)

Next, you must think about graphic design, no one wants to buy a product with a poorly designed catalogue photo or even worse no photo at all.  Luckily, this is yet another area which Fowara has you covered!  Our team has some of the best graphic designers on staff who have extensive experience in everything from product cataloging to logo design.  At Fowara we know what helps sell your products and more importantly what doesn’t.  We do not waste your budget on unneeded designs or overcomplicated layouts or logos.  We get you started affordably and help you build a sturdy foundation within weeks!

Now that you have your plans…

Great!  You made it this far.  We know that the seemingly simple idea of getting started in the eCommerce market may now seem a little overbearing for you but don’t forget, the Fowara team has your back!  You have your plans laid out, now let’s make them a reality!

Platform Building

It is time to bring all your ideas to fruition!  Now you get to make your eCommerce site and give your brand a personality.  This is a complicated process but again, Fowara specializes in this process!  We typically suggest that you start with a simple design in order to allow you to start bringing in revenue with your platform immediately.  From uploading all your products to organizing them and creating an easy to use catalogue that can be searched by clients this process can be extensive.  The completed product is well worth all the hard work and Fowara can help you every step along the way!

Brand Building

Now you have a platform to sell on, a product to sell and a supply chain with a brand to boot!  The important question now is how do you get your product and brand in front of the correct consumers?  We at Fowara recommend focusing on building an organic following through outreach and interaction.  Find significant figures within your niche, send them some products, maybe just start a conversation with them.  The process of building your brand is a daunting task!  It may seem simple at first glance, but a “grassroots” brand campaign is a daunting challenge for those without expertise in this field.  Yet again this is an area where the Fowara team’s expertise can make a world of difference.  From social media management to brand building strategies and design the Fowara team can truly do it best!