Too often it seems that retailers are gambling on the chance that the U.S. economy returns to a state of “normalcy”, that is, that the economy returns to how it operated pre-COVID-19.  Unfortunately, the current economic standing and operational norms which have been implemented are here to stay according to many economists.  The non-stop struggle brick-and-mortar stores have had to endure against Amazon and other eCommerce giants seems to have come to and end… or has the battleground simply been changed? 

Brick-and-mortar stores do not have to throw in the towel in their battle to gain market shares against retail giants such as Amazon even in the current economic state brought about by COVID-19.  Rather, retailers need to change their focus to begin building a respectable (not just functional) eCommerce platform.  The aggregation of challenges facing brick and mortar stores have been amplified due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the negative results of this have become apparent, from changes in consumer behavior to new health and safety standards, these changes are not going away anytime soon. 

Having a respectable eCommerce site is also not enough, you must try to get your products in front of customers.  A great way to do this is to implement a social media campaign combined with more traditional marketing efforts.  It is crucial that you get your products in front of customers but more importantly you must create a remarkable experience that makes your customers remember you and most importantly, talk about you. 

It is also essential that for those businesses in which your traditional operations cannot be completely replaced via an eCommerce store that you implement a system that is an effective combination of both an in-person and online experience.  Many brick-and-mortar locations accomplish this by encouraging customers or clients to order services online or schedule in-person services online by providing small discounts or special offers.  Those converting from brick-and-mortar stores must most importantly remember to avoid neglecting customer service in these tough times. 

Creating your “in-store” experience which has always been endemic of your store locations is tough to do on an online platform, in fact, its nearly impossible.  Therefore, working with the professionals is essential to creating a great online experience for your shoppers.  The virtual experience is not supposed to be the same as the in-person experience.  Creating such an experience would be cost-ineffective but more importantly it would serve as a nuisance to online shoppers. 

Fowara knows how to create the experience online shoppers want, reach out to us today for a meeting with one of our consultants for an overview of options custom catered to companies and budgets of all sizes!