Project Description

Designer Rug Warehouse

Company Background:

Designer Rug Warehouse is an award-winning rug store & preferred source Atlanta’s most renowned interior designers, movie makers, architects, & local celebrities. They have developed long lasting relationships with various countries for more than 25 years in order to guarantee a consistently deliver their clients the best possible products & services. The company began selling to the public in early 2005 offering & continues to hold a standard not easily rivaled.


As happens with many companies Designer Rug Warehouse had a limited budget & needed to use that budget as effectively as possibly. At Fowara we were able to provide the expertise & hands-on experience to accommodate their budget & develop a clean, effective web store while remaining within budget constraints. We were able to do so by approaching this situation with functionality as our primary focus. Our no frills approach for those on tight budgets serves everyone well, we created tons of needed value for the company’s site while also avoiding wasting time by trying to up-sell services as many other companies do.

Designer Rug Warehouse was incredibly appreciative of our transparent & honest approach which has led to an extensive & mutually fruitful relationship. Over the course of our partnership with Designer Rug Warehouse we have recovered their site multiple viruses & malware, upgraded their Magento services, & developed custom features for their website to increase conversion rates & support consumer usability while also promoting sales & new products. We always strive for innovation with every client, thinking outside of the box allows us to implement specialty solutions such as the product grouping functionality we created for Designer Rug Warehouse which makes bulk purchases much easier for customers.

Designer Rug Warehouse Site