Project Description


Company Background:

Suttle-Straus is a diverse print oriented company committed to improving the processes & effectiveness of organizations across North America. They offer numerous products & services, largely focused on multi-channel marketing incorporating several aspects of their business. The company is one of the biggest & most well-established commercial printing & marketing services providers in the U.S. Suttle-Straus was founded in 1910 & continues today to serve Fortune 500 companies & some of the nations largest employers.


Suttle-Straus approached us with a simple request; for Fowara to implement training programs & hands-on educational instruction to a large number of their employees for the advanced new services the company was beginning to offer through Magento Enterprise. We took the reins & delivered expert world-class training to Suttle-Straus employees in introductory Magento design and development, store set-up & design, & back-end operations. these services allowed for Suttle-Straus to save large sums of money by having internal employees handle tasks that would have otherwise been contracted out to other companies, thus creating a self-sufficient company which will kindle creativity & bolster growth for decades to come.