Project Description

Thrive Farmers Coffee

Company Background:

Thrive Farmer’s Coffee is an industry changing platform which allows coffee farmers to directly access the marketplace. This is a truly empowering platform allowing them more control over their product quality &i this in-turn increases profit margins. The company has a vision to empower farmers to create better livelihoods for themselves which in-turn strengthens & empowers their own rural communities. The company has founded ThriveWorx in which they aim to mobilize farmers, local leaders, consumers, & other strategic stakeholder in order to reduce the economic, social & environmental challenges faced by farmers & the communities they inhabit.


Thrive Farmers Coffee approached us with the need for us to help with developing a website that would represent their brand & increase traffic. We provided Thrive Farmers Coffee with a Fowara custom theme to provide them with a strong brand image coupled with usability. Thrive Farmers Coffee was astounded at our service & the value we created for their organization they then reached out to us for implementation of WordPress integration, PCI-compliant subscription management (using authorized .net integration with CIM), as well several of our innovative custom functionality implementations. A few of these functionalities included a Quick View shopping cart, a custom slideshow without pop-out view, & a layered navigation interface for filtering products. We then began to “Think outside of the box” by suggesting & implementing a game-changing local pick-up option for their organization.