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Fashion Jewelry Brand
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ZENZII is a massive vendor in the direct to consumer & wholesale jewelry business. The company stands for empowering women globally & environmental sustainability through their partnership with ZENZII is a company based in the United States of America with manufacturing facilities located globally. The company has an extensive catalog of over 8,000 unique products & continues to be an industry leader.


As we do all of our clients we have loved working with Zenzii over the last decade. The company approached us with an easy proposition in 2012: Migrate our site from a osCommerce based platform to a more productive & useful Magento platform. We accomplished this goal & even further developed their site with an updated customer theme designed specifically to increase their conversion rate & consumer interactions while also assisting in building a foundation for their powerful brand image. Our relationship with Zenzii has continued to be mutually fruitful with recent focus on helping Zenzii use Google AdWords to its full potential & a campaign to manage Zenzii’s social media presence & consumer interactions.

Throughout our relationship we have developed an aggregation of custom features to help Zenzii become the giant they are today. We have worked on extensive Magento extensions, a custom sorting module to help them aggregate & organize their catalog, a wholesale portal setup & a customized dynamic shopping cart feature to increase sales & customer usability. We have also focused on implementing several business development options to help Zenzii grow to scale without pain. Some such implementations include integrations regarding QuickBooks, ShipWorks & Mailchimp to assist in streamlining business operations & increase overall efficiency.

Focusing further on helping Zenzii become the massive enterprise they are today we channeled our focus to optimizing performance & analyzing user behaviors to optimize their site for sales. With their massive catalog load times had to be a focus to help attract more consumers. Zenzii sought out minor increases in load times & we took their request & sought to do even more. By taking advantage of our world class team of developers we were able to reduce load time per 100 products down to 2 seconds even with the challenge of a singular server mainframe. As we do with all of our partnerships we have also extensively trained Zenzii’s employees in many of the routine administrative duties required to maintain a Magento site of this size.

Zenzii Wholesale Site