Shopify Services & Solutions

Fowara offers a variety of Shopify and Shopify Plus services.

New Store Setup

Shopify is a pretty straight forward ecommerce platform for any novice user to get started with their business. However, sometimes figuring out the best practices, finding the right app, setting up the taxes and even customizing the store and optimizing overall performance can take a lot of time for someone new to Shopify. This is where Fowara cen come in and help you streamline this process by setting up a store-front using ecommerce best practices to help you grow and scale quickly.

Migrate to Shopify

So you heard the news that everybody is flocking to Shopify and you want in? If your current platform is limiting your growth and you want to migrate to Shopify, Fowara can make this process painless for you. We can make your migration seamless to your users with over a decade of experience in migrating between ecommerce platforms. We will make sure you don’t lose SEO rankings and search engines can still find all the products. Fowara can migrate your storefront in a timely manner without breaking your budget.

Existing Store Customization

Is your current Shopify store in need of a complete re-branding or maybe some minor tweaks in look, feel and overall branding? Our decade of experience in ecommerce user experience means we can help to optimize your store for better conversions.

App setup & configurations

Need a hand setting up a new app with your existing store? Not a problem, Fowara can make this process seamless, while setting up the new app according your business needs we also provide suggestions and optimizations along the way.

Custom App Development

Sometimes your business’ needs are so unique that no existing app is available on the Shopify Marketplace to fulfill your needs. In these situations custom apps are required and fortunately Fowara can make this process painless for you. At Fowara we have decades of experience in custom API Integrations between ecommerce platforms. We are only limited by what the Shopify API allows us to do. For retail stores almost anything is possible with the Shopify platform due to how retail friendly the platform is. Contact us if you are in need of a custom app for your Shopify Store.


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