Although COVID-19 has undoubtably created an influx of eCommerce sales and sellers, COVID-19 seems to only be accelerating what has been a growing trend for over a decade.  In 2020 it is commonplace to see automated checkouts (or check-in processes in the case of hotels and rental cars) and in spite of the absence of salespeople, cashiers and other human resources, sales are not plummeting.  So why is this?  How are businesses “getting away with” hedging their variable costs while seemingly sacrificing customer service at the same time?  The answer is that they are not sacrificing customer service at all.  The customers of the 21st century are akin to a different style of “customer service” one which is endemic of efficacy, fluid checkouts and ease of use, and this is why eCommerce is growing exponentially.

A Long-Time in the Making

In the shadow of COVID-19 we typically find ourselves asking if this global pandemic is going to kill brick and mortar stores for good when in reality these businesses were already on their last leg. Over the past decade many brick and mortar locations of national chains such as Sam’s Club and Kohls have been going through a metamorphosis to fulfill the growing needs of the eCommerce industry.  In a growing trend we are witnessing retail spaces of all sizes being changed over into web-based businesses in order to better suit the needs of customer’s, client’s and shareholder’s. The worldwide pandemic may have triggered the move of popularity from the brick and-mortar retail to eCommerce to happen quicker than previously estimated but make no mistake, this change has been coming for a long time.

Stuck in the war between little specialty shops and enormous multi-conglomerates are little to moderate sized mom and pop retailers. These private ventures are the businesses which have built the backbone of America by pandering to the needs of middle-class Americans across the country and doing so with an ethically aligned compass.  Sadly, if these mom and pop stores do not find a way to compete in the field of eCommerce their demise is imminent.  Fortunately, this is where Fowara can step in to help.

How To Take The First Steps

At Fowara we pride ourselves on working with (not for) small businesses like yours.  From small family startups out of garages to retailers with multiple locations we have done it all.  We have an extensive aggregation of skills from web design (Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento being some of our favorites) to marketing, brand building and social media management.  Our team comes from a multi-faceted background from healthcare, marketing technology, business operations management and coding we bring a toolbelt of skills to meet your every need.  Most importantly, although we bring so much to the table Fowara does so affordably.  We can work with budgets of all sizes and in special cases have worked on commission or profit-sharing contracts.  You do not have to face the changing market alone, contact Fowara today and build the foundation in eCommerce that will help you turn your small business into the massively successful organization you always knew it could be!

We start you out simple, no one wants to wait months to get a website, a social media strategy or a campaign rolling.  The team at Fowara knows how to carry out a plan and produce results.  We get the ball rolling immediately and refine your platform as we go.  This gets your company “on its feet” quickly and allows us to work with you to create the best possible experience for you and your clients.  By focusing on the essentials and building you a strong foundation Fowara establishes you in the eCommerce sector quickly while positioning your organization for exponential growth at an affordable rate.